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Betoch Comedy Drama “Huletum” Part 195

Firstly, get ready for lots of laughs as you watch Betoch, perhaps the funniest of the Amharic sitcoms. Tilahun Gugsa Adverting and Arts Promotion bring you the 195th Episode with the customary kick-off; the “Betoch!” exclamation by Tilahun Gugsa himself. This is a common adage used upon arriving at someone’s residence and alerting hosts to […]
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Jossy “Min Addis?” interview with Artist Sami Dan

He is a rising African rage star, he released his first album in 2016 it was full reggae music tracks and everybody was in love with his album, Today’s min Addis guest Samuel Birhanu. He was a nominee for Leza award and has won many awards for his album ‘Keras Gar Nigigr’, album of the […]


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Saudi Arabia arrests main investor in Ethiopia’s dam

Saudi authorities have arrested billionaire businessman Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi, the main foreign investor in Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam. Al-Amoudi is thought to be worth $10.9 billion and was the first to donate to the Renaissance Dam campaign launched by the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and to give the Ethiopian government $88 million to build […]
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